January 23 – May 8, 2016

Journey through an interactive maze that engages visitors in an exciting quest to stay clean, while flowing through rivers, lakes, backyards, and into homes. Through play, scientific inquiry, and art, Water’s Extreme Journey empowers visitors to take action, commit to clean water, and express their support for clean water initiatives. After exploring the maze, delve into Flint’s water system history, learn the science of filtration, examine current issues and solutions, and investigate the Flint River today.

While investigating winding pathways, visitors are challenged to navigate through Non-Point Source Pollutants originating from agriculture, development, litter, and our homes. Will the farm they pass by be organic? Did their neighbor pour leftover paint down the drain? This fully interactive maze experience engages visitors through play, scientific inquiry, art and action, illuminating human impacts great and small while teaching how to contribute to healthy, safe water in their community and beyond.


Everyone likes to get in on the action, which is why Minotaur Mazes builds each exhibition so that visitors can interact with and impact their environment.  It helps visitors retain and remember information.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun!
Zip Slide
10 feet of fun as you turn into water, and then drop into the watershed…literally.
Water Cycle Puzzle
If you were a raindrop, where might you go?  Complete the water cycle puzzle and send water on a journey into a whale, onto a leaf, or down a drain. It’s up to you!

Mirror Mirror
Image isn’t everything, but it sure can help you think about how you’d look like a water drop!  Get into character for your journey through the maze.

Dodge Pollution
Get ready, raindrops… humans ahead!  Five spinning impact wheels simulate interaction between humans and water in five categories: litter, toxins, agriculture, development, and seafood.  Get through all impact points and stay clean to reach the healthy ocean. Don’t worry if you get dirty – you can go through the maze again and make cleaner choices.

Learn new ideas about how we think about water through creative media, showing the power of every individual to make a significant difference.

Recycle vs. Trash
Try this heavy lifting – the average U.S. citizen throws out 28 pounds of garbage each week!  But after you recycle and compost, you may feel a big difference…

How Much Water?
Nearly 70% of the earth is covered by water and less than 1% is available for drinking. How can this be true?  Investigate answers by comparing all the types of water on Earth.

Clean Water Commitment
Each of us has the power to make a significant difference – it just takes a few simple decisions. Visitors are offered a variety of lifestyle changes to help keep water clean. The cumulative impact of each pledge is recorded and shown, clearly demonstrating the positive impact a single individual can have on the environment.

Get Filtered!
Take a trip through the Slow Zone to get cleaned up! This wetland experience demonstrates how grass and other plants naturally filter water.

Urban River/ Storm Drain
Oh no! Gross! You got dirty and are headed for the Un-Healthy Ocean. But don’t despair – you’re not alone, and there’s a lot you can do together to clean up your act.  Look around for other raindrops to help!

Home Sweet Home
Look closely at a snapshot of ‘home’ and see if you can identify where water is getting dirty or being wasted. There are 10 things that can be changed to save water and keep it clean. See if you can identify them all!

The Dirty Dozen
Learn about the top twelve pollutants that are invading our oceans and discover what you can do to make a difference. This flip door game reinforces lessons learned in the maze and gives visitors the power to act!

Animal Identification
Visit animal habitats in the maze and see if you can identify each inhabitant.  You may be surprised!

Wildlife Wheel
Think you’ve conquered the maze? A spin of the wheel sends you on another adventure in search of certain hidden animal information, and reveals how important clean water is for their survival.

Snap a great take-home picture of you and your family ‘swimming’ with the dolphins!

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