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Thank you for considering bringing your class to Sloan Museum, Longway Planetarium or Buick Automotive Gallery! We have a wide variety of classes that will fit the GLCE’s for your classroom. If you need history, science or social studies, you’ve come to the right place.
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Forces and Motion I

Grades Pre-K-1
Use a ramp, a sheep, and a jeep to investigate how pushes and pulls make objects speed up or slow down.
GLCE: P.FM.00.21, P.FM.00.31, P.FM.00.32, P.FM.00.33, P.FM.00.34
NGSS: K-PS2-1, K-PS2-2

How's the Weather?

Grades Pre-K & K
What’s the weather like? Design a weather report folder to use for observing and describing the weather. Students will see how weather affects our daily lives while drawing clothes on their weather bears.

Plants Alive!

Grade K
Students will build their own terrarium to take home, while investigating living and non-living things.
GLCE: L.0L.00.11, L.0L.00.12
NGSS: K-LS1-1, K-ESS3-1, K-ESS3-3, 1-LS1-1

Moon Phases

Grade 1
Make a glow in the dark moon phase book that will help kids explore the predictable pattern of the shapes of the moon we can see on Earth.
NGSS: 1-ESS1-1

Making Sound Waves

Grades 1-3
What makes sound? Students will find out as they investigate vibrations, pitch and loudness with fun hands-on activities.
GLCE: P.EN.03.11, P.EN.03.31, P.EN.03.32
NGSS: 1-PS4.A, 1-PS4-4

Illuminating Light

Grade 3
Investigate the properties of this form of energy, while exploring shadows, mirrors and the light spectrum. Discover how you can block, reflect, and bend light with hands-on activities.
GLCE: P.EN.03.11, P.EN.03.21, P.EN.03.22, P.EN.03.51, P.EN.03.52
NGSS: 1-PS4-2, 1-PS4-3

Ice Cream Science

Grades 1-4
A sweet way to study solids, liquids, and gases! Working in groups, students will use beakers, measuring cups, and measuring spoons to mix up solids and liquids into an ice cream base. Program staff will add the “magic liquid” that changes their liquid into solid ice cream. Each student gets some ice cream to taste. Additional charge applies.
GLCE: P.PM.01.21, P.PM.01.22, P.PM.02.12, P.PM.02.14, P.PM.04.17, P.PM.04.23, P.PM.04.11
NGSS: 2-PS1.A, 2-PS1.B

Build Your Own Ecosystem

Grades 1-6
Investigate ecosystems and the water cycle, and learn what living things need to survive. Students will build an independent ecosystem to take home.
GLCE: L.0L.02.14, L.0L.02.22, L.0L.03.31, L.EC.04.11
NGSS: 2-LS2.A, 4-LS1.A

Forces and Motion II

Grades 2-4
Sheep in jeeps will roll, crash and drop as students investigate how common forces such as gravity and friction change the motion of objects.
GLCE: P.FM.03.22, P.FM.03.35, P.FM.03.36, P.FM.03.37, P.FM.03.38, P.FM.03.41, P.FM.03.42

Messy Mixtures

Grades 2-4
Students will make and separate mixtures in this fun, messy, fast-paced activity. Use a variety of measuring and separating tools to separate sand, iron and water. Mix up some concrete to take home.
GLCE: P.PM.02.41

Galactic Goo

Grades 2-6
Chemistry at its finest and most fun! Matter, molecules and polymers will be discussed in this hands-on activity. Each student will make and take home a bag of their own goo!
GLCE: P.PM.02.12, P.PM.02.14, P.PM.04.23

Water Treatment Tactics

Grades 2-6
Turn on the tap and water comes out. Where did it come from? Where does it go? Take dirty water through the process of water treatment while working with a partner to design and test a filter system.
GLCE: E.FE.02.11, E.FE.02.12, E.FE.02.22, E.ES.03.41, E.ES.03.42, E.ES.03.43, E.ES.03.51, E.ES.03.52

Investigating Groundwater

Grades 2-6
Build and manipulate a model groundwater system, while learning how removing, adding, and polluting water impacts our underground water system.
GLCE: E.FE.02.11, E.FE.02.12, E.FE.02.22, E.ES.03.41, E.ES.03.42, E.ES.03.43, E.ES.03.51, E.ES.03.52

Marker Robots

Grades 2-6
Using markers, a battery, a motor and a hot glue stick, students will build a simple robot that draws. Will it draw a circle? Dotted lines? You won’t know until you turn it on and let it go! Students will explore electrical circuits and the forces necessary to make their robots move.
GLCE: P.EN.04.12, P.EN.04.43, P.EN.04.51, P.EN.04.53, P.FM.05.31, P.FM.05.33


Grades 2-6
Investigate the states of matter and how matter changes from one state to another. This demonstration provides students with an exploration of physical and chemical changes and the connection between matter and energy. Additional charge applies.
GLCE: P.PM.02.12, P.PM.02.41, P.PM.04.23, P.CM.04.11, P.CM.06.11, P.CM.06.12

Physical & Chemical Changes

Grades 3-6
Students will explore how matter changes while observing changes in states of matter and making and separating mixtures. Students will follow procedures and look for evidence of chemical changes while measuring and mixing chemicals to create chemical reactions.
NGSS: 5-PS1.A, 5-PS1.B

Amusement Park Science

Grades 3-5
Students will explore forces and motion while recreating some of their favorite amusement park rides. Find out why you don’t fall out when a ride goes upside down. Investigate contact and non-contact forces while designing a tabletop marble roller coaster.
GLCE: P.FM.05.21, P.FM.05.22, P.FM.05.32, P.FM.03.22, P.FM.03.35, P.FM.03.36, P.FM.03.41, P.FM.03.42, P.FM.05.33.EC.04.21

Moon Phases & Eclipses

Grades 4-6
Students will make a glow-in-the-dark moon phase book and an eclipse project while exploring the motion of the Earth and Moon.

Solar System in Motion

Grades 4-6
Explore the motion of the planets around the Sun while making a paper model showing rotation and revolution. Students will make a Sun-Moon-Earth system graphic organizer to compare and contrast Solar System bodies.

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