Fequently Asked Questions

What are your hours and cost to get in?
From January 21-May 21, 2017,  Sloan Museum is open Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm, Sunday 12 noon-5pm. These times will change May 22, 2017.
To see Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition: Tickets for adults are $14.00, seniors (60+) are $12.00, youth age 2-11 are $11.00, and children 1 and younger are free. Admission to Sloan Museum also include entrance to Buick Automotive Gallery on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 
To only see Sloan Museum (does not include Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition): Tickets for adults are $7.00, seniors (60+) are $6.00, youth age 2-11 are $5.00, and children 1 and younger are free. Admission to Sloan Museum also includes entrance to Buick Automotive Gallery on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Buick Automotive Gallery is open Friday & Saturday from 10am-5pm, Sunday 12 noon-5pm, closed Monday through Thursday or by appointment. Call 810.237.3440 to schedule an appointment. Tickets for adults are $7.00, seniors (60+) are $6.00, youth age 2-11 are $5.00, and children 1 and younger are free. (NOTE: These prices do NOT include Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.) Admission to Buick Automotive Gallery also includes entrance to Sloan Museum.

Longway Planetarium admission is $6.00 for adults, $4.00 for seniors (60+), $4.00 for youth age 2-11, and children 1 and younger are free. (NOTE: These prices do NOT include Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.)

Combo tickets are a convenient way of experiencing all three buildings for one low price, including Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
• Adults $20.00
• Senior (60 +) $16.00
• Youth (2-11) $15.00
• Children (1 & Under) Free
• Members - $5 (to see Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. Call 810-237-3457 to buy tickets at a discount. Members can NOT buy tickets online and recieve discount.)
• ASTC Reciprocal Members - $13 adults, $9 senior (60+) and $9 for youth age 2-11.

What do you have for kids to do?
At Sloan Museum, younger visitors will enjoy the permanent gallery, Wisner's Whizbang Emporium. There are also traveling exhibits that come to the museum. Click for a complete schedule.
At Buick Automotive Gallery, younger visitors will enjoy a 1917 Buick Touring car that they can climb on and play in. Please note: This vehicle is not in the Gallery at all times.
At Longway Planetarium, there are many star shows shows for younger visitors. There is also the family science center, which is open daily during the summer and on weekends during the school year.

Where do visitors to the museum park? Visitors to the museum are welcome to park anywhere on the Flint Cultural Center. For visitors of Sloan Museum, we recommend the parking lot on the north side of the museum, near Matthews and Forest Streets. There is parking for disabled people closer to the museum. To get to these spaces, please drive past the main parking lot, drive up the hill and the spaces are on your left side. Visitors are also welcome to park in the spaces directly in front of the building. As there are only 3 spaces directly in front of the museum, these spots fill up fast.
For Buick Automotive Gallery, visitors are to park on the east side of the lot of Whiting Auditorium. This is the closest parking for this building. Visitors may also park at Sloan Museum and enjoy a short walk to Buick Gallery. 
For Longway Planetarium, visitors are able to park in the lot directly in front of the building. 

How does one get from the parking area to the entrance where tickets are sold? If you park in the lot north of the building, please follow the signs up the hill to the main entrance of the building. If you park in front of the museum or in the disabled parking, please make your way to the side walk and follow the signs. The entrance is clearly marked. If you are visiting on Saturday or Sunday, please know you might not be able to get tickets to see Titanic right away. We have sold out of tickets the last two weekends. We recommend purchasing tickets online or before your visit, if you visit on those days. If your visit is during the week, most likely, visitors will be able to walk up and see Titanic immediately.

Does admission to special exhibits include general admission to the museum? Admission to Titanic includes the rest of Sloan Museum. If your visit is on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, admission also includes Buick Automotive Gallery. Buick Gallery is only open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Do you have Dinosaurs?
There was an exhibit October 12, 2013-January 12, 2014 entitled Return of the Dinosaurs at Sloan Museum. Unfortunately, dinosaurs are not constantly featured at the museum; they are a special exhibit.

Are there any school groups in the Museum today?
The busiest time of year for school groups are September through mid-June, from 10am until 2:00pm. If you would like to come at a time when there are no school groups, please come after 2:00pm during the school year, or on the weekends.

Is Buick Gallery open to the public?
Yes. The public is welcome to Buick Automotive Gallery is open Friday from 10am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 12 noon-5pm, and Monday through Thursday it is closed to the public or by appointment. Call 810.237.3440 to schedule an appointment.

I want to research at the Perry Archives. How can I do this?
All research requests need to be made before your visit. We have the largest archive of Flint and Genesee County history. It is available to the public, however appointments must be made in advance.

Do you do appraisals?
No. The IRS views museums and archives as interested parties and therefore the Museum does not provide appraisals of the monetary value of materials proposed for donation or for any other reason. However, professional appraisers will perform this service for a fee. To find a licensed appraiser in your area, contact one of the following organizations for a referral
• American Society of Appraisers
• International Society of Appraisers
• Appraisers Association of America

Besides the shows, what else is there to do at the Planetarium?
Visitors of Longway Planetarium can also enjoy the Family Science Center, small exhibits, a mural of hidden objects, and the Hubble Sky Screen

Can I buy tickets there or only online?
Visitors may buy tickets online or at the venue of their choice. 

Is there parking near your buildings? If so, is it free?
Yes, there is free parking available near Sloan Museum, Longway Planetarium, and Buick Automotive Gallery.

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