ELA History Lab

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Grades K-5

Enhance your field trip experience by booking an English and Language Arts add-on lab session to one of Sloan Museum’s History and Social Studies programs. These programs are aligned with Common Core State Standards. Using the museum’s unique resources, students will engage in grade-specific and age-appropriate activities to strengthen their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills during an in-depth exploration of a historical topic. Investigate early forms of communication and petroglyphs in our Anishnabeg lab. Experience politics and the economy in action while holding a mock election in our If I Could Build a City lab. Write the story of an artifact using primary and secondary sources
in our History Detectives lab. Explore a pioneer’s journal and first-hand accounts in our Pioneers lab. Customize your ELA lab experience! With advance notice, we can work with you to modify existing lessons to craft and design the perfect session for your students based on your preferences and curriculum.

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