How To Donate An Artifact

Sloan*Longway accepts donation proposals in writing -- using the Donation Proposal Form. Please fill out the form completely and email, fax, or mail it back to the Curator of Collections using the information at the bottom of the form.

The Sloan*Longway Collecting Committee reviews all potential incoming donations prior to receipt of materials. The information on this form will be used to determine if your proposed donation fits the museum collecting scope. It does not guarantee that your donation will be accepted as part of the Museum's artifact collection.

If you are unable to print the form, please contact and request that a copy of the donation form will be mailed to you. If possible, please include a photograph of the object or document with your form.


What kinds of things can I donate to Sloan*Longway?
The museum’s Collection focuses on material made in, used in, or related to Genesee County or Mid-Michigan. The Collections are used to educate the public through exhibitions, lectures, and special events. Artifacts are also used for research purposes.

The collections include, but are not limited to:

  1. Vehicles made in or with historic ties to Genesee County.
  2. Ephemera, artifacts, and archival material with documented Genesee County or Mid-Michigan provenance.
  3. Material similar to items once used in Genesee County or Mid-Michigan, but not fully documented as local in origin. These artifacts will most often be collected to meet specific, interpretive needs, exhibit needs, or public programs.

If an item does not fit or meet the three above interest areas, but is still historically important, the museum may still accept such items for their preservation, for donation or trade to other museums, or to sell with the proceeds going to the collection endowment fund.

Criteria for not accepting artifacts may include physical size, weight, or condition of the item. Artifacts that are of non-local origin may be considered sufficient reason for not accepting an offered donation. The usefulness and current ownership of like artifacts shall also be used in accepting a donation.

Can I mail or drop off a donation?
No. Please do not drop off or mail any artifact to the Museum without contacting the Curator of Collections first. Items received without prior approval from the Collecting Committee will be returned to sender.

Does the museum purchase objects?
Generally, we rely on individuals and businesses donating objects to the Museum to build our collection, only purchasing objects on rare occasions.

Can I take a tax deduction for my donation?
Yes. Sloan*Longway is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization and thus the fair market value of your donated materials is generally tax deductible. To ensure that you receive the maximum tax benefit, it is recommended that you consult with your own accountant, attorney, and/or the Internal Revenue Service.

Will the Sloan*Longway appraise my donation for its monetary value?
No. The IRS views museums and archives as interested parties and therefore the Museum does not provide appraisals of the monetary value of materials proposed for donation or for any other reason. However, professional appraisers will perform this service for a fee. To find a licensed appraiser in your area, contact one of the following organizations for a referral.

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